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Mystery Revealed

The Shetland Moving Image Archive are a step closer to identifying people and places in one of their films, thanks to a smart thinking viewer. Sheep Dipping was shown at the Shetland Forwirds annual variety concert earlier this year, and thanks to the commentary added by Euan Balfour, it made quite a stir – however audience members were at a loss as to where it was filmed and who featured in it.

David Smith from Bigton later approached the Archive’s Development Manager, Helen Smith and suggested that the footage may have been “flipped” and that what we were seeing was actually a mirror image. Upon closer inspection, Helen identified that the writing on a bucket was the wrong way round and the film was indeed a mirror image.

As way of a thank you, the Shetland Moving Image has given David free entrance to their screenings for the remainder of the year.

The film will be shown in both it’s original format, and again once rotated, to show it’s true image at a screening at the Shetland Museum and Archives on Thursday 3rd July. Hopefully then the pieces in the puzzle will slot into place and people can be identified.


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