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Ebb Tide

8 Film Makers, 7 Days and 6 Films – Glasgow


This summer we invited audiences to embark on a visionary voyage from Shetland to Glasgow and across the Commonwealth with Ebb Tide, a series of short films.


Glasgow was once the heart of Scotland’s shipbuilding industry, and many of these ships took Shetlanders on adventures around the world.


Inspired by these incredible stories, eight film-makers and artists from the island have been challenged to create new work involving the journeys, imagery, and artefacts of the Shetlanders, who once voyaged overseas on the ships built on the Clyde


The films were shown on board the Tall Ship “Glenlea”, docked beside the Riverside Museum on the Clyde – a very appropriate venue as part of the cultural festival surrounding the Commonwealth Games in July.


Ebb Tide in Shetland


In August, Ebb Tide was shown as part of ScreenPlay and received favourable reviews. The actor Steven Robertson even took time out of his very busy schedule to see what new and upcoming film makers were up to in the isles – and he was impressed.
There’ll be another opportunity to see Ebb Tide at the Carnegie Hall in Sandwick on Thursday 25th September.


Ebb Tide Films


‘Butterfly Effect’ by Tirval Scott


Inspired by a valuable box with butterfly-wing iridescent finish, his visually stunning, light-hearted film mixes footage and after-effects to magical and at times hilarious effect.



‘Elysia’ by Greg McCarron


Inspired by the story of a Sandwick man, Cecil Smith, who was torpedoed during the second world war, took to a lifeboat and ultimately made his way back to Shetland to his family, with his ships flag still in hand.


‘Flotsam’ by Clint Watt


Clint chose an unusual artefact in the form of a witch’s bowl, and with its impressive cast of actors and atmospheric treatment his film is visually and historically fascinating.

‘A Portrait – in landscape’ by Ria Moncrieff & Simon Thompson


The pair were given a diary of Burra man, William Inkster’s, voyage from Shetland to Australia in 1909 as their item. They took elements of his, and his brothers’, story to inspire a fictional narrative to express the strongest theme they felt emerged from the relationship between Shetland, the Commonwealth and emigration – Shetlanders’ deep connection to their home (land and sea) and how it shapes their identity.


‘Fierce Work’ by Harry Whitham & Floortje Robertson


Harry and Floortje chose a set of scales and 3 small gold nuggets sent back by a man from Australia. Their film explores the themes of loss and separation as well as hard work.


‘Da Auld Rock’ll Do Me’ by Robert Gear


Inspired by the lifeboat from the Canberra and stories of people who were left behind in Shetland when others left, emigrating to the New World and unlikely ever to return.