Donating Films


We’re always keen to hear from anyone who has film or video made in or about Shetland, whether amateur or professional.

We will accept your films temporarily into our collection and assess them against our criteria. We will discuss our terms and conditions in our Donations Agreement and go through copyright ownership and what will happen to your films.

If they are accepted into the archive you can choose to retain copyright, however we ask that we be allowed to use your films for educational, outreach and community work. If your film is accepted into our collection, you can choose to receive a copy of it either in DVD or file format.

If your film is found to be unsuitable for the Shetland Film Archive it will be returned to you.

Please email us at or phone 01595 745524 to discuss any films you have.


What will happen to my film when it’s donated?

We’ll assess your film(s) against our collections criteria and if accepted, they will be digitised and held in our online collection. As part of your individual donation agreement you can choose the level of public access for each film you pass to us. For example you may wish to allow a general scene to be shown publicly on our website and you may wish to donate a personal video, such as a wedding or christening video but restrict its viewing to educational or research purposes. All these details will be discussed with you prior to donation.

The original film will be stored in specialist vault in Glasgow, owned by Scottish Screen Archive.

Will I still own the rights to my film?

You can choose to retain copyright of the film, or sign it across to the Shetland Film Archive. We will discuss this as part of the donations agreement.

How will my film be used?

Subject to agreement, your film (or part of) will be available for viewing on the Shetland Film Archive website. Our “Uses Strategy” identifies 6 key areas or markets.

  • Commercial
  • Creative
  • Educational
  • Health & Well Being
  • Heritage
  • Tourism