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37 Hours of Material Digitised!

Although it has been quite quiet on our website recently, it has most certainly not been quiet behind the scenes! We have been working hard to digitise over 37 hours of material relating to Shetland – from 50s era cinefilm to 80s VHS through to 00s digital video. We have been returning digital copies of these videos to the original donors and making sure we have the paperwork in place to share material on the website.

Thanks to the generosity and trust of the donors, we have gathered together a fantastic collection of material. Video collected so far covers: country regattas, royal visits, aerial tours of the islands, rural life on Fair Isle, fire festivals and some very creative short films made by youngsters! Plus much more, which we are excited to share with the world.

We have shared some clips on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/ShetlandFilmArchive

The screenshots below give a taster of the material we have digitised so far. Watch this space!